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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Retro Autumn Cooking with Charles65ofboston!!!

Hello, My Retro Cooks!!

I wanted to say that now that we are in the Autumn days of the year...there still can be those gloomy days with no color at all....just kind of blah! It's raining here I say....Get Cooking!!! Chase those blues away!!

The recipe today dates back to the 1980's and was a favorite of mine for many years before switching to being a vegetarian. This dish can be made with left-over chicken, turkey or Quorn. I use Quorn and the chicken-style pieces work a charm if defrosted before you begin. The version I fell in love with had one big alteration from the one I found to share with you. The "old" recipe I used to use had instant potato flakes( about half a cup) mixed in with the stuffing on top and you add one fresh egg for more moisture. This makes a super topping and always add more crumbled cheese on top if you do it the "old" way.

As for the cheese, use the traditional Swiss or tangy cheddar....or a low-fat style cheese of your liking. Also I use a cup of home-made white sauce instead of the soup mix...but any creamy tinned soup will work...try a variety and see which you prefer.

This dish is great for Sunday left-overs to become something tasty on Monday.
Also feel free to use a variety of stuffing mixes....have fun and pick one with retro style:-)

This dish is served best with whipped potato, cooked veg and a crisp salad. Gravy can be served on the side, too....try the new instant vegetarian gravies....very tasty indeed!

Enjoy....and get cooking!!!!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Autumn Baking with Charles65ofboston.....Retro Style!!

Hello, My Fellow Retro Kitchen Lovers!

Autumn is here! And I just love the color and magic in the air!

I am a Halloween lover, too! really is a great time of year to be in my retro kitchen brewing up some tasty treats.

Today, thanks to my dear Eudaemonius, I have two retro recipes for banana bread.

A wonderful treat all year but made special by a few always....without the script!

I use both recipes BUT....use less processed sugar!! The riper the banana, the more natural sweetness will be in your bread. So let the bananas get very ripe before you bake the bread. I use about two tablespoons of will be fine...try it!!
Also I do add a dash of maple syrup to give a burst of Autumnal Magic!
Plus a half of a cup of juicy raisins and a half of a cup of a chopped cooking apple.
This extra cup of flavor also adds delightful moisture. No dry bread here!!! The bread will be packed with goodness and perfect for a quick breakfast treat!

Enjoy....and let's get cooking!!!!!!

Write to me with your ideas!!!