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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Baked Salmon with Small Pasta Shells....... Charles65ofboston's Unique Retro Way!!!!

Hello, Retro Chefs!!

Today, I have found an old friend for you....yes, recipes can be friends!!!

This old recipe card is one I have had in my image collection for a few years and I am not sure where I located it yours????

It is a great store-cupboard favorite and as a veggie who uses fish....a very nice little quick supper, indeed!

I am able to do all of this in my JML Star Chef. The pasta can be boiled first and then drained. Leave in a bowl and stir in a bit of cooking oil to keep from sticking together. My dad taught me this ages ago....Thanks, Dad!!!

The rest of the recipe is done in the Star Chef using the Vegetable/Fry setting and timed for about 10 minutes. Once all ingredients are put back inside the Star Chef....bake on the Cake/Oven setting for 25 minutes.

I add a touch of sherry to the know me....a splash here...a dribble there!! Also...if you like onions....add more....I always do!!!

Enjoy.....and keep cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Recipe for Chicken or Quorn...Retro Style

Hello, My Retro Cooking Gang!!!
Eudaemonius and his wonderful collection comes through again!!!!

This recipe is so easy and as a veggie cook I used Quorn instead of the chicken.
I also used my JML Star Chef as the method of preparation.

My changes....The Quorn cutlets were gently browned and I used just 4.
The procedure did not vary much from the original one and I use this often.

The setting on the Star Chef was Vegetable/Fry for the browning stage and sauce making...then switch to Soup/Stew for the rest of the time.

I serve it with potatoes, often mashed or baked. Green salad, a veg and bread make it a perfect meal all round!

Enjoy....and keep on cooking!!!!


Ps....Cooking with sherry is so much fun, have a glass,too!!!