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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Recipe for Chicken or Quorn...Retro Style

Hello, My Retro Cooking Gang!!!
Eudaemonius and his wonderful collection comes through again!!!!

This recipe is so easy and as a veggie cook I used Quorn instead of the chicken.
I also used my JML Star Chef as the method of preparation.

My changes....The Quorn cutlets were gently browned and I used just 4.
The procedure did not vary much from the original one and I use this often.

The setting on the Star Chef was Vegetable/Fry for the browning stage and sauce making...then switch to Soup/Stew for the rest of the time.

I serve it with potatoes, often mashed or baked. Green salad, a veg and bread make it a perfect meal all round!

Enjoy....and keep on cooking!!!!


Ps....Cooking with sherry is so much fun, have a glass,too!!!

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  1. Oh, I love this!! The kitchen is divine, and two sinks...lux!