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Monday, 8 August 2011

Onion & Tomato way!!

Hello, My Retro Chefs!!

The other day I had the pleasure of attending a divine luncheon and was served a vegetarian selection of delights to feast upon.

A tomato tart was the centerpiece and made me say....ohhhhhhh! And then, I asked for the recipe.....that's me!

Now the recipe that my dear Eudaemonius has found is very much in keeping with the theme of the tart but....BUT....I made a few changes based on how the luncheon tart I had was prepared.

The tart I had the other day was topped with fresh garden tomatoes(no onions)....and made upside-down and then inverted on the serving dish. Neat!!!

My changes to the recipe featured today include not making my own crust or using a refrigerated style....booo-hoooo!
I used a single short pastry crust mix from a box. I also did not use my Star Chef...oh, well!

I used a round Pyrex cake dish about 10 inches across and 2 inches deep for the tart making. I filled this dish with a tin of stewed tomatoes and added one large,fresh sliced onion.
The onions ( more than one) next time will be done as this recipe suggested....adds much more flavor to the final product!
I also sprinkled the mixture with a touch of balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs from the garden.
I used cheddar cheese rather than feta and swiss for the cheese added at this stage.
Now comes the fun. I rolled out the crust and placed it on top....YES...on top of the mixture and then did the 25 minutes of baking.

Let it cool for a few moments and then carefully with oven gloves I flipped it onto a serving plate. looked yummy and tasted.....ohhhhhhh so good!!!

Enjoy this summer special recipe....and do use fresh tomatoes if you grow your own!!!
3 large ones should be enough.....or 2 cups of cherry style would be fine, too!!

Keep cooking!!!!!


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